WECON Application of the Lantern Ball Machine

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1. Introduction

The lantern rounder uses different colored wires to wind the pattern around the plastic ball, to form a different pattern. The operation of the traditional equipment is to manually work on it, after the winding is completed, workers need to manually take the material away, which takes more labor cost and time.

The control system supports freely setting the pattern, and uses four servos to run simultaneously, and the segments are divided by time. Free to wind the ball overall joint operation in the three balls together, away from manual operation.

2. Process requirements

2.1 The vibrating plate sends the ball to the specified position, the Y-axis servo picks up the material, and the X-axis servo send to different positions to heating hole and putting ball.

2.2  The 45 ° servo motor for the elevation angle segmented walking, with the winding and the ball servo motor simultaneously operate to form the corresponding pattern.


2.3. After completing the above actions, the Z axis takes the ball and the right side is plugged to complete the plug operation.

Note: When the servo is moving, it is necessary to handle the sequence and wait for the position to avoid delay. Each step of the cylinder action must determine whether the photoelectric is reached, set the photoelectric alarm to facilitate the search for problems.


The control system adopts the WECON HMI LEVI2070; PLC adopts WECON LX3V-3624MT and LX3V-4PG, LX3V-16EYT and LX3V-16EX.


Details: It uses the PLC 4-channel pulse to control the operation of the X and Y servos. The LX3V-4PG controls the operation of the winding, turning and rotating motors. The other output points control the movement of the cylinder. Whether the open corresponding alarm should be stopped or continue to operate.

The ball and the warping are calculated according to the number of turns, and the three servo motors are simultaneously operated and stopped at the same time. When the 45° advance operation is appropriate, the winding can be made more dense.

4.Programs introduction

HMI programs:

4.1 Main Screen




Parameters setting, display the machine data. Parameters can be changed here.



Part programs of PLC



5. Summary

1. Compared with the traditional manual work, the efficiency is greatly improved.

2, The equipment is simple to operate, very easy to use.

3, Easy to maintain, easy to check when problems occur.