Application of Hot Extrusion Machine using Wecon HMI and PLC

Time:2019-01-31 Author:


1. The equipment grabs the iron ball under high temperature and passes it to the punching machine for stamping, and then takes out, repeating the above steps.
2, Control servo positioning system through PLC and HMI, a workpiece takes 6-8 seconds, more efficient and safer than traditional manual operation, and easy to maintain.


2、Process requirements
1. The PLC controls the three-axis manipulator, user can set the robot to return to the safe zone during the running process.
2, manual debugging mode: adjust the position of each action of the robot through the external button box, or save the current position in the button box.
3. No-load operation test: After the parameters are adjusted by HMI, the no-load test can be performed.
4. Automatic alarm: detect the running status and issue an alarm prompt.

Selection: LX3V-1616MT-4H, LEVI2070.
1. Select LX3V-1616MT-4H to realize the logical operation of the device and modify the operating parameters of the robot.
2. LEVI2070 HMI monitors the real-time status of the system and displays related parameters.

4、HMI Program
1. Monitoring screen: monitor equipment operation mode, alarm information, etc., adjust speed and control the current position of the robot.




1. Parameter screen: Set multiple parameters, including manual and protection functions.


2. partial PLC program of automatic operation control