Application of WECON HMI and PLC on Inspection Machine

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1. Introduce

The valve is composed of a head and a rod. It is responsible for inputting air into the engine and discharging the exhausted gas. This equipment is mainly used to check whether the valve head and the rod are qualified.

2. Process requirements

The device is fully automatic, input the maximum allowable error value, the system automatically detects the qualified product and the defective product, performs the corresponding cylinder action, and servo controls the feeding position. After the system detects the pass or fail, it needs to go through 2 stations. After the action is detected, the remaining material is detected and finished.

3. Solution

The control system mainly adopts the human-machine interface LEVI700ML, the PLC uses LX3V-0806MT, and the servo adopts the position control mode.

The brief scheme is as follows: the maximum allowed value of rod, the servo feed distance and the operation time of each cylinder can be configured on hmi. 

4. Brief introduction to the procedure

HMI program:

Auto screen: This screen mainly sets the maximum allowed  error value of rod, the current detection result, the output, the detection time, the loading switch, and so on.

Parameter screen: This screen mainly sets the operating time, detection time, and other parameters of the cylinder.




PLC part program:

Measurement value communication, calculation section



Detection part of the program


5. Project summary

1. The built-in COM2 of plc support free protocol, and only needs to configure the corresponding register to facilitate operation;

2. There is a cumulative error in the spacing of the chain, so when sending the last material, it is necessary to return to the original point and calibrate the position; 

3. The test value should be recalibrated before the test to reduce the error.

6. Equipment pictures