Fully automatic capping machine - WECON flying cut function

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The chasing and capping machine adopts a tracking type screw cap, which does not hurt the bottle and does not hurt the cover. The speed is fast, the safety is stable, and the capping efficiency is high.

II. Process requirements

The chasing(flying cut, hereinafter refer to as the "chasing") and capping machine adopts a non-periodic chasing scheme to detect the position signal of the bottle by detecting the photoelectricity, thereby starting the chasing.

The servo-clamp servo is used as a chasing spindle by one pulse control, the servo control mechanism moves up and down, and the constant torque control screw cap.


The control system mainly adopts the human-machine interface LEVI700LK, and the PLC adopts LX3VE-3624MT4H and LX3V-2AD-BD to control the servo and inverter.

IV. Program advantages

1. Using the electronic cam command of PLC, a chasing curve is synthesized by two flying shear commands, which makes the production adjustment more convenient.

2. Through controlling the servo by constant torque, the problem of over-punching with the cap can be eliminated.

3. The program parameters are open to the screen, and then achieve the versatility of different models.

V. Procedures brief introduction

HMI program: This screen mainly displays the current running status of the system, machine running speed, output and other data settings. Including servo control part, chasing curve part, parameter setting part.

1. servo control part

2. Chasing curve part

3. parameter setting part

PLC part program:

VI. the system adopts the chasing instruction scheme of LX3VE series PLC, the program design is simple, the curve is intelligently generated, which greatly reduces the difficulty of programming.

VII. Machine video and machine pictures