Application of Intelligent Single-end Terminal Crimping Machine Using Wecon HMI and PLC

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The desktop automatic intelligent single-end terminal crimping machine is a crimping machine with electric motor, auxiliary cylinder, twisting mechanism and discharging mechanism, with automatic wire feeding and automatic detection (with or without materials, whether it is jammed, air pressure detection, etc.) , automatic filling (front and rear stripping, twisting, stripping, terminal crimping) and other functions, suitable for a variety of wire length, wire diameter, wire core diameter processing.

Process requirements


The control system consists of the HMI LEVI-700EL, and the PLC LX3V-1616MT-A and module LX3V-4PGA.

The brief scheme is as follows: eight stepping axes are used to cooperate with the feeding, cutting, stripping, twisting, and discharging operations of the cable, and the actions of various auxiliary cylinders are also used to complete the entire process.


1. Simple operation, powerful function, multi-speed switching;

2. Automatically calculate the appropriate length of the tail end and the cutting length. 

3. With recipe memory function, directly call the parameters for the machined workpiece. The PLC has multi-axis high-speed pulse output, and controls 4 stepper motors to make the system more reliable and stabler; 

4. Various processing modes can be freely switched, and the adaptability is strong;

5. Automatically judge whether it is in the original position before running, whether it needs self-reset before the first start;

6. High efficiency and greatly increase the production. 


Procedure Introduction

HMI program: This screen mainly displays the current running status of the system, products cutting data, processing speed, current output and other data, as well as automatic switching of manual/auto mode.

HMI program: This screen mainly displays the current mode of the system, the process required for product manufacturing, and whether the alarm detection is enabled or not, and the auxiliary functions required for the current workpiece. 

HMI program: This screen mainly displays the data such as the action delay of the current auxiliary cylinder of the system.

HMI program: This screen mainly displays the current position and maximum stroke setting of all axes of the system, display the maximum speed setting, the acceleration/deceleration time of each axis, and the subdivision data etc.

Part of the PLC program:

Program of each axis station data calculation.

Start automatic identification, pre-origin identification, and start-up control flow.

Read and set the coefficients of the LX3V-4PG module.


1. The system adapts to various working environments and various user needs, and with high precision and high efficiency.

2. The control system has the memory function, and the core controller uses a multi-axis high-speed pulse output PLC to control 8 stepper motors to make the system more reliable and stabler.