WECON Motion Control System Introduction

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System introduction

WECON introduces “Wecon Plane Process System – WPPS”, a 2D planar processing system independently developed by Wecon company with independent intellectual property rights. This system is widely used in automation equipment of various industries and applications viz. plastic injection, injection molding, sprayers, silk flower, beading, glass cutting, etc.

Plane Process System (Software Environment)

Configuration software widely recognized (quite familiar) in the industrial control industry

WPPS secondary development kit WDK (WPPS Development Kit)

  (WDK provides a feature-rich, easy-to-learn interface library and packaged in Lua scripting language. Lua language is powerful and easy to learn. Developers can use WDK to develop a variety of motion tracks with a simple understanding of Lua syntax. , processing related plane processing projects.)

Plane Process System(Hardware Environment)

HMI (DMI Series Touch Screen) + Motion Controller (GC2416 Series Motion Controller)

The basic configuration of the DMI series:

CPU (Processor): Cortex-A8/A9 600MHz/1.2GHz

Memory: 512M

Storage: 4G

Expansion: USB Flash Drive, SD card

Communication: Ethernet, 5 serial ports

Size: 7 inches, 10.2 inches, 15 inches

The basic configuration of the GC series:

input: 8 points

output: 8 points

High-speed output: four channels, support for three-axis control

Hand wheel: support 1

Support G code

Support IO expansion

Note: DMI system will occupy part of the storage

The System executes Graphic files, Instruction Files and G Codes entered in the HMI Touch Screen and then transmits the result in to the Motion Controller. Eventually Motion Controller Controls the motor and other devices.


Wecon Plane Process System are widely applied in Dispenser Machine, Cutting machine, Woodworking Machine, Engraving machine, Drilling machine,Spot welding Machine, Cake decorating machine


                Drop molding machine                                    Cake decorating machine                                                      Beading Machine

Products List




Motion controller host, 24 input, 16 output. After the system is used, the remaining 8 points and 8 points can be distributed freely.


7 inch HMI,support Processing of Graphics, G Codes


10.2 inch HMI, support Processing of Graphics, G Codes


15 inch HMI, support Processing of Graphics, G Codes

DMI HMI Screen