WECON PLC CAN Communication

Time:2018-05-18 Author:

The CANopen BD board enables system integrator to connect any CANopen or CANopen 2.0A device to the LX3VP-2416 PLC. The module plugs into the communication module interface of the LX3VP-2416 PLC and acts as a bridge between the CANopen or CAN devices and the basic controller, allowing integrator to choose from a wider range of automation products when designing their system.


[1]For Good real-time communication,strong correction ability and stable communication.
[2] Supports CANopen standard protocol DS301 V4.
[3] Supports 16 slave devices when used as master.
[4] Supports NMT(Network Management Object),PDO(Process Data Object),    SDO(Service Data Object),Supports   Emergency service,SYNC Object service.
[5] Free configuration by using CANopen network configuration software "CANopen Tool".
[6] It works as a master or a slave.

CANopen Programmable Fieldbus Controller
[1] Programmable response in the event of a fieldbus failure.Prevent external interference.
[2] Signal pre-processing reduces fieldbus transmissions.
[3] Peripheral equipment could be controlled directly, resulting in faster system response times.
Simple wiring,Simple control.